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Alliance Secretariat

A coordinating Secretariat will be established for the Smart Ticketing Alliance from within UITP to provide a single contact point and for disseminating information by printed documents, newsletters and through the website. The UITP Secretariat will be responsible for arranging meetings for the Management Board and General Assembly. For the first year(s) the founders together with UITP will take responsibility for the secretariat. The secretariat will after the first year(s) be part of the Alliance budget financed by member fees agreed on.

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General Assembly

All full members are invited to be part of a General Assembly that meets once a year.
The General Assembly selects a Management Board of up to 6 members.

The 2015 General Assembly was held on the 15th of June 2015 at UITP premises in Brussels.

The following Board Members were elected:
John Verity (ITSO), Chairperson
Sjef Janssen (VDV e-Karte), Vice Chairperson
Alain Flausch (UITP), Member
Ralph Gambetta (CNA), Member
Bernard Schwob (AFIMB), Member

Management Board

For the first two years the Alliance Management Board will consist of the four Founding Members. The General Assembly will subsequently select a Management Board of up to 6 members. The Management Board will always include the four Founding Members.
The General Assembly and Management Board will create Working Groups as appropriate.


STA has formal liaisons with:

  • CEN TC278 WG3 SG5;
  • UITP
  • GSMA
  • UIC
  • EPTO
  • NFC Forum Transport Special Interest Group
  • Global Platform
  • EC
    • ERTICO
    • Smart Cities

Privacy Model

A good reference is the Privacy Charter developed by the IFM-Project: D2.3 European handbook on rules and regulations for privacy protection in fare devices and back-offices (March 2010).

Trust Management Model

Starting point is the deliverable “Trust Management Model” from the IFM Project: D1.4 Report on the Common Requirements for a Secure Domain to support the Trust Management Model (March 2010).