Monthly Archives: May 2016

Board Meetings

The Board of the STA were elected at the General Assembly on the 5th of July 2016.

The members are:

John Verity (ITSO), Chairperson
Sjef Janssen (VDV e-Karte), Vice Chairperson
Alain Flausch (UITP), Member
Ralph Gambetta (CNA), Member
Bernard Schwob (AFIMB), Member

Board meetings 2015:
20th of January
24th of February
18th of March
15th of June
30th of September
7th of December

Board meetings 2016:
7th of February
29th of February
31st of March
13th of May
5th of July
14th of September
26th of October
9th of December

Board meetings 2017:
20th of February
20th of March
4th of July
25th of August
5th of October
7th of November
12th of December