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Press release – STA contributes to interoperability with a certification proposal

More and more European Public transport organizations (PTO) use contactless e-ticketing-systems to ensure more comfort for their customers and to fasten control procedures. According to an interoperable use and cross-border travel, all systems must be compatible though they are developed on different technical basis and have not been coordinated so far. To solve this challenge, the Smart Ticketing Alliance (STA) has established a certification procedure based on ISO standards. This is to ensure future compatibility of European eTicket infrastructure. In a first step, the scope of the certification is the contactless interface of ticketing equipment and media based on CEN/TS16794.

Long term goal of this measure of STA, which comprises issuers of the e-ticketing standards ITSO, Calypso Network Association (CNA) and VDV-Kernapplikation, is to ensure interoperable traveling throughout Europe from the technical view. Another aim is to ensure maximum freedom of choice of supplier by PTAs and PTOs, and to give them the necessary trust in their investment. The spread of proprietary solo efforts and isolated solutions in a digitally networked world is not contemporary and expensive. A certificate delivered by an accredited certification body will be recognized in all Europe.

STA certification working group has set up the global framework of certification and defined the certification procedure, technical guidelines for certification bodies and a test tools validation methodology for laboratories.

Currently, the first two STA certification bodies are Calypso Network Association and its partner PayCert which is ready to operate, and VDV eTicket Service together with Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI) that is preparing to become soon another certification body. With this process, manufacturers worldwide can apply for the certification of their products for the European public transport market.

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