Consensus Policy Statement

  1. Public Transport, through the Smart Ticketing Alliance, is committed to using ISO/IEC 14443 (2005 version for ID1 smartcards and current version for other media) for interoperable schemes.
  2. The Smart Ticketing Alliance wishes to set up a certification scheme(s) for Public Transport devices to ISO/IEC 14443 (readers and media) to show interoperability.
  3. Public Transport is willing to consider other devices and certification schemes that are compliant with (1) above.
  4. Public Transport recognises it specifies and certifies Public Transport devices to ISO/IEC 14443 (readers and media); it recognises NFC Forum specifies and certifies mobile devices for the consumer market.
  5. Public Transport wishes to have compatibility with other devices (such as those using NFC Forum) but Public Transport is not willing to change its existing infrastructure of readers. This objective can be met if an NFC Forum device interoperates with a reader to CEN TS16794 Part 1.
  6. Public Transport is willing to use NFC Forum devices as readers if they are compatible with media to CEN TS16794 Part 1.
  7. An alliance has been initiated between the Smart Ticketing Alliance, the GSMA, the NFC Forum and CEN TC278 WG3 to bring about harmonization of our specifications with regard to NFC technology for the public transport industry.
  8. We welcome wider public transport industry participation in this effort through the Smart Ticketing Alliance.

Smart Ticketing Alliance
V3 March 2015