The main goals of the Alliance are:

  • Cooperation between national and regional Smart Ticketing schemes to establish interoperable Smart Ticketing in Europe and elsewhere.
  • To develop, agree and publish the functional and technical requirements for smart ticketing interoperability
  • Cooperation on the establishment of Trust Schemes, Specifications and Certification
  • Cooperation with other European and International bodies to promote interoperability in Smart Ticketing

Further objectives of the Smart Ticketing Alliance are to:

  • offer support for interoperability of media technologies across Smart Ticketing Schemes that allow individual scheme applications to co-reside,
  • to share knowledge and best practice in implementing cross-border Smart Ticketing technologies

The Smart Ticketing Alliance wants to be a driver to:

  • speedup implementations
  • reduce procurement costs
  • be a knowledge base and promote best practice
  • diminish risk
  • arrange trust in media/reader interoperability
  • jump on additional opportunities