How to be part

Membership rules

The STA has two categories of Membership: Full Members and Associate Members. The Association will have at least two Full Members at all times.

Full membership is open to:

  • national or international organisations (“scheme providers”) for ticketing;
  • regional organisations for ticketing which include more than two Public Transport Authorities and provided no national organisation is present in and is responsible for that region or;
  • groups of Public Transport Authorities/Public Transport Operators counting more than two of each category, provided no regional or national organisation is present as member of the STA.

The Full Members have the right to participate in the General Meetings, with the right to speak and vote on any issues submitted to the General Meeting, to elect and be elected for the bodies of the Association, to examine the accounts, documents and books concerning the activities of the Association.

Associate membership is open to companies and organisations active in the area of “smart ticketing” for transporation services, provided they are accepted by the Board and commit to comply with Articles, the Regulations, the decisions of the Association’s bodies and the Act.

Association Members may participate in Working Groups. Associate Members shall be allowed to attend meetings of the General Meeting as observers but shall have no voting rights.

Request for Membership shall be made in writing and addressed at the address of the Association to the Board and in accordance with the instructions and guidelines published on the STA’s website.

All Members shall have the following obligations:

  • Foster the objectives of the Association and take part in the activities necessary to carry out the purpose of the Association as applicable;
  • Pay the applicable Dues when due and payable;
  • Comply with the Articles, the Regulations, the decisions of the Association’s bodies and the Act.


Membership fees

a) Full member Cat. 1 (regional, national or international public transport organisations): 2500 €

b) Full member Cat. 2 (smaller public transport organisations): 1750 €

c) Associated member Cat. 1 (individual companies, suppliers & organisation supporting STA and with a yearly turnover of more than 1 million €: 2000 €

d) Associated member Cat. 2 (smaller individual companies, suppliers & organisations supporting the STA and with a yearly turnover of less than 1 million €): 900 €

Download the complete Charter text here

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