Memorandum of Understanding

Twenty months after the successful EU-IFM Project, it became high time to set “The next step in creating Electronic Ticketing Interoperability for Europe”. Lobbying for a follow-up project to implement IFM found no resonance and thus a strong political statement from the public transport sector was needed, hence a Memorandum of Understanding .

Again the stakeholders addressed the European Commission about the need for support and ways of funding the development and demonstration of the new IFM solutions for interoperability. It was proposed to set up an EU IFM ALLIANCE with the support of the EU Commission.

This Alliance (still refered to as “the IFM Alliance” after the IFM Project) was to create a trust scheme for Public Transport Smartcards that mirrors the Trust Schemes in mobile phone and banking industry. The EU IFM ALLIANCE trust scheme would cover:

  • Rules, specifications and governance requirements for membership
  • Compliance checking, award of certification, and actions to be taken in the event of noncompliance
  • A recognisable scheme mark and published list of compliant schemes in the Trust network
  • Manage relationships with other trust schemes

Additionally the EU-IFM ALLIANCE would be required to set up an EU Ticketing Web-Portal through which customers can access member scheme web-sites in order to download apps for their respective ticketing schemes. This portal could be linked to other EU initiatives to create EU-wide Journey Planning and allow customers the opportunity to take the next step to buying the necessary ticket or permission to travel for their chosen journey.

Once the EU-IFM ALLIANCE would have been created and be operational, it was recommended that a pilot be created to test the portal, the trust scheme and the necessary compliance of smartcards as they interoperate between transport schemes and across mobile phone networks and with bankcards…

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been developed by representatives of the organisations for technical specifications of VDV KA, ITSO and Calypso together with representatives of UITP and AFIMB. The MoU presents a platform for a cooperation in the context of today’s infrastructures and systems. It will be presented also for other stakeholders asking for support and thus establish a European Alliance for developing European interoperability.

By signing this MoU

  • we support a further development of a European electronic ticketing interoperability
  • we agree on a platform for cooperation as outlined in this MoU
  • we support an IFM Alliance organised on a European level
  • we ask for a close cooperation with the European institutions and financial support for a EU-project as proposed in this MoU
  • we invite European stakeholders on national level for support and involvement in further development

The actual press release can be downloaded from here !