STA Use Cases from Back Office to SE

The document STA – Use Cases from Back Office to SE 20160309 is intended to describe, from the perspective of the communication between the back office and the Secure Element (SE) contained within a mobile device, the use cases that will be employed in managing the (data that is sent to the) Secure Element for generic Public Transport (PT) applications.

It will inform discussion so that the GlobalPlatform End to End (E2E) Simplified Service Management Framework {See GlobalPlatform’s website} can be updated to include Public Transport as one of the vertical segments. (Currently the GlobalPlatform document only has one vertical segment: Payment.) This document is produced on behalf of the STA as input to the process and it is therefore PT centric in its descriptions. The GlobalPlatform work will involve taking the use cases and describing in much more detail the actions needed by each of the actors involved in the process of Service Management. Many of the use cases described in this document will be applicable in other segments and may already exist in the GlobalPlatform documentation Payment vertical – but the specifics at the more detailed level may differ from Payment.

This document is concerned with the End to End processes whereby data is downloaded Over The Air (or possibly Over The Internet) from the Back Office (via Trusted Service Manager) systems to the SE. It does not therefore describe the use of the NFC interface when in Card Emulation Mode (CEM) and is being used as a Contactless Smart Card, since these actions are not of concern to Mobile Telephony. The actions and use cases that use the NFC interface are described in the documentation Use Cases NFC Mobile Devices in Public Transport