STA NFC Workshop, Brussels, 27 October 2016

The STA ran a successful workshop for 32 invited delegates covering Scheme Operators and Suppliers in October 2016.  The changing NFC ecosystem in Public Transport was addressed by 9 key speakers.  Together they looked at how to deliver interoperable NFC Solutions for Public Transport that are simple, fast, guaranteed, cheap, secure and flexible.  Recent developments in NFC Standards to meet the specific requirements of Public Transport were addressed as well as the new STA Certification Scheme for Public Transport Media and Readers.  Throughout the workshop, the key was that the customer may in future wish to provide their own preferred NFC contactless media and method of payment whilst the industry is constrained by its existing contactless infrastructure.

Further workshops are planned to look at different customer Secure Element solutions, Application management, and how to deliver a common customer experience across Public Transport.

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