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Founding Members

Background and contact information on the founders of the Smart Ticketing Alliance.



ITSO is the non-profit distributing organization that oversees the ITSO Specification for smart ticketing in the UK. ITSO helps its members to set up and run ITSO-compliant smart ticketing schemes, tests and certifies smart ticketing equipment to ensure it meets the ITSO standards and ensures the ITSO Specification is up to date and fit for purpose. ITSO operates the ITSO Security Management System (ISMS), a highly secure key management and distribution system specifically developed to enable ITSO-compliant smart ticketing systems to be set up.

Sheila MacDonald – sheila.macdonald@itso.org.uk
John Verity – john.verity@itso.org.uk
ITSO website



VDV-KA is the open and secure German standard for electronic fare management systems (EFM) which enables the passenger to move freely and easily between the public transport companies without having to deal with the different tariff zones and ticket machines (interoperability). It provides an open platform which not only allows transport operators to integrate their back office systems as well as those of multimodal and multifunctional partners. The VDV-KA-KG regulates the cooperation of the various stakeholders in EFM systems at an organisational level. (((eTicket Germany is the brand name of the VDV-KA.

Sjef Janssen – janssen@vdv.de
VDV-KA website



Calypso Networks Association (CNA) gathers operators, authorities & suppliers implementing Calypso. Calypso technology is an open specification issued from an EU project to assure a high security level for contactless transactions and to provide technical interoperability between networks assuring multi-services providers environment. The main tasks of CNA are to define and direct the reference specifications, a certification policy and to contribute to the international standardisation process.

Ralph Gambetta – wg3leader@calypsonet-asso.org
CNA website




The French agency for multimodal information and smart-ticketing (AFIMB – Agence Française de l’Information Multimodale et de la Billettique) is linked with the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy. Its steering committee gathers representatives of transport authorities, users, transport operators and relevant public administrations The agency aims at promoting interoperability in the areas of multimodal information and smart-ticketing and supports standardisation.

Bernard Schwob – bernard.schwob@developpementdurable.gouv.fr
Françoise Duhont – francoise.duhont@developpement-durable.gouv.fr
AFIMB website



UITP (International Association of Public Transport) is a passionate champion of sustainable urban mobility and is the only worldwide network to bring together all public transport stakeholders and all sustainable transport modes. We have 1,400 member companies giving access to over 18,000 contact from 96 countries. Our members are public transport authorities and operators, policy decision-makers, research institutes and the public transport supply and service industry.

UITP is one of the founding fathers of the Smart Ticketing Alliance initiating the IFM project which later led to the setup of the STA. UITP is now in charge of the Secretariat of the Smart Ticketing Alliance.

Jarl Eliassen, Expert
UITP website

Smart Ticketing Alliance established for simpler and easier ticketing systems across Europe

The establishment of the Smart Ticketing Alliance (STA) was announced in an official UITP press release, 28 June 2013.

Following the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in February 2012, a Smart Ticketing Alliance Charter has now been agreed by representatives of VDV KA (Germany), ITSO (United Kingdom), AFIMB (France) and Calypso Network Association (CNA), together with the International Association of Public Transport (UITP).


This is another major step forward in making transport ticketing across parts of Europe simpler and easier for passengers!

According to this Charter , the Alliance will be a platform for global cooperation to realise a coordinated approach to establishing Smart Ticketing interoperability for the public transport sector. The Charter includes cooperation on, and establishment of, a trust scheme for public transport that mirrors the Trust Schemes in the mobile phone industry and banking.

The February 2012 MoU agreement already committed the Alliance to cooperate based on the principles of Interoperable Fare Management (IFM) as set out in the EU-IFM Project funded by the European Commission (2008-2010) and the developments in contactless bankcards and NFC-enabled devices, particularly mobile phones.

The main goals of the Alliance are:

  • Cooperation between national and regional Smart Ticketing schemes to establish interoperable Smart Ticketing in Europe and elsewhere.
  • To develop, agree and publish the functional and technical requirements for smart ticketing interoperability.
  • Cooperation on the establishment of Trust Schemes, Specifications and Certification.
  • Cooperation with other European and International bodies to promote interoperability in Smart Ticketing.

The Founding Members of the Smart Ticketing Alliance invite other European stakeholders to join either as Full Members or Associated Members. Full membership is open to national ticketing schemes and regional groups of public transport operators and authorities cooperating in the electronic Smart Ticketing area. Others are welcomed as Associated Members.

A coordinating Secretariat will be established for the Smart Ticketing Alliance from within the UITP to provide a single contact point.

The actual press release can be downloaded here .

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The Smart Ticketing Alliance Charter

This Smart Ticketing Alliance Charter has been prepared and agreed by representatives of the Smart Ticketing organisations in Germany (VDV-KA KG), UK (ITSO), France (AFIMB) and the Calypso Networks Association, together with UITP, following their February 2012 agreement to cooperate on the development of Smart Ticketing interoperability based on the principles of Interoperable Fare Management (IFM) set out in the EU-IFM Project funded by the European Commission and the developments in contactless bankcards and NFC-enabled devices, particularly mobile phones.


Goals for the Smart Ticketing Alliance

The Smart Ticketing Alliance Charter represents a coordinated approach for establishing Smart Ticketing interoperability in the Public Transport sector.

Main goals of the Alliance are:

  • Cooperation between national and regional Smart Ticketing schemes to establish interoperable Smart Ticketing in Europe and elsewhere
  • Develop, agree and publish the functional and technical requirements for smart ticketing interoperability
  • Cooperation for the establishment of Trust Schemes, Specifications and Certification
  • Cooperation with other European and international bodies to promote interoperability in Smart Ticketing

Cooperation within the Alliance

The Smart Ticketing Alliance Members will cooperate with the purpose of:

  • Sharing experience and Best Practice
  • Cooperating in Working Groups, bringing in Alliance members’ knowledge and expertise
  • Coordinating the Alliance members’ submissions to the standardization process
  • Setting up Trust Schemes

Alliance activities

  • Coordination of contact between the Smart Ticketing Alliance and its Members
  • Establishing and supporting Working Groups for identified topics
  • Supporting standardization and certification processes including the establishment of a formal liaison role with CEN TC224 and TC278, and with ISO TC204
  • Developing and implementing agreed Trust Schemes for Smart Ticketing and its interfaces with other Industry Certification Schemes
  • Disseminating information on activities and development through an Alliance website
  • Representing the Smart Ticketing Alliance with other European/global organisations such as GSMA, NFC Forum, SEPA, European Commission, UIC and IATA

Membership rules

The STA has two categories of Membership: Full Members and Associate Members. The Association will have at least two Full Members at all times.

Full membership is open to:

  • national or international organisations (“scheme providers”) for ticketing;
  • regional organisations for ticketing which include more than two Public Transport Authorities and provided no national organisation is present in and is responsible for that region or;
  • groups of Public Transport Authorities/Public Transport Operators counting more than two of each category, provided no regional or national organisation is present as member of the STA.

The Full Members have the right to participate in the General Meetings, with the right to speak and vote on any issues submitted to the General Meeting, to elect and be elected for the bodies of the Association, to examine the accounts, documents and books concerning the activities of the Association.

Associate membership is open to companies and organisations active in the area of “smart ticketing” for transporation services, provided they are accepted by the Board and commit to comply with Articles, the Regulations, the decisions of the Association’s bodies and the Act.

Association Members may participate in Working Groups. Associate Members shall be allowed to attend meetings of the General Meeting as observers but shall have no voting rights.

Request for Membership shall be made in writing and addressed at the address of the Association to the Board and in accordance with the instructions and guidelines published on the STA’s website.

All Members shall have the following obligations:

  • Foster the objectives of the Association and take part in the activities necessary to carry out the purpose of the Association as applicable;
  • Pay the applicable Dues when due and payable;
  • Comply with the Articles, the Regulations, the decisions of the Association’s bodies and the Act.

Membership fees

The STA is a not-for-profit association and is in the process of being incorporated as an AISBL under Belgian law as from May 11th 2015.

Alliance Secretariat

A coordinating Secretariat will be established for the Smart Ticketing Alliance from within UITP to provide a single contact point and for disseminating information by printed documents, newsletters and through this website. The UITP Secretariat will be responsible for arranging meetings for the Management Board and General Assembly. For the first year(s), the founders, together with UITP will take responsibility for the secretariat. The secretariat will after the first year(s) be part of the Alliance budget financed by membership fees agreed on.


Signed by: VDV-KA-KG, AFIMB, Calypso Networks Association, ITSO Limited and UITP.

Download the Charter text here

Want to join as a member of the Smart Ticketing Alliance, download the request form.

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