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In order to ensure interoperability from a Standards perspective the STA makes use of standards and specifications published by Organizations for Standards bodies such as CEN and ISO; and other memberhsip bodies such as GSMA, the NFC Forum, etc.

This document contains details of the reference documentation used in STA published documents. It is sub-divided by organisation. Note that no particular relevance should be ascribed to the other in which the various bodies appear; each is equally relevant in its own way to the work of STA.

Most STA-Documents contain a section on “Normative References” and the latest verions of the references are all included in this STA References Document.

Specific references will continue to be included in STA documents, particularly where the references are dated and have specific relevance to the document they are referenced by. These references may be “cross checked” with the STA References Document to establish their currency. In other cases where the reference is effectively to the “latest version” of the standard or specification, STA documentation may index to this document.

Note: National Standards and Specifications are not considered here, except where they have been translated into other languages by other national standards bodies and hence have a clearly international dimension. Normally however national standards are the subject of use in specific countries. Often National Standards are National implementations of standards published by international Standards Bodies, such as CEN or ISO.

Discover the full document here (The document has been updated in October 2017)