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The importance of sharing knowledge and experience

Bas van Os has been involved in all phases of the OV-chipkaart project in the Netherlands over the past 12 years. Bas is currently responsible for the Open Ticketing Institute – set-up to promote innovation and knowledge-sharing between ‘sister schemes’ in public transport. Eurotransport, Volume 11, Issue 3, 2013, page 54-56. The importance of sharing knowledge and experience

Ticketing used to simply be a business function of public transport. Now it has become a business sector in itself…but not for long. What started as a modernisation of paper and magnetic tickets has now become part of a larger wave of technological innovation and social change. In countries with strong public transport offerings, e-Ticketing will be one of the enablers of the integration of the physical and virtual worlds in which people move, work, play and consume.

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