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e-Ticketing up close

Horst Stammler, Chairman Kontiki e.V. and managing director of VVS (transport authority of Stuttgart). Eurotransport, Volume 11, Issue 1, 2013, page 18-20. e-Ticketing up close

Given the pervasiveness of wireless networks, the explosion of mobile computing and communications devices of all forms, and the fundamental requirement for mobility, it is no wonder that multi-appJication, interoperability, man-machine-interaction or intermodal public transport is now at the core of so many strategic plans. Just as life without mobility would be unpleasant at best, public transportation companies and networks that are not optimising their customer and communication systems and services will be operating at a distinct disadvantage. Access to information resources on an any time/anywhere basis is today the key to productivity and an advantage no matter what the mission.

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