Our Work

The STA works towards achieving its mission and vision by engaging in the following work strands:

  • The STA cooperates with national and regional smart ticketing schemes to establish interoperable smart ticketing in Europe and beyond. 
  • The STA develops, agrees and ensures the publication of the functional and technical requirements for smart ticketing interoperability. 
  • The STA works with different stakeholders to establish trust schemes, specifications and certification.
  • The STA assesses compliance of operators against business rules. 
  • The STA provides a single point of contact for cooperation with other European and international bodies to promote interoperability in smart ticketing. 

Our successes

The STA has led the way to ensuring the necessary framework and standards are in place to support the STA's vision. These include:

  • Business rules and use cases are established across all modes 
  • Universal contactless interfaces are established
  • Smart Tickets can be accessed on the mobile device even when the phone is switched off or the battery is showing empty 
  • Guidance on existing standards is provided on the STA website
  • STA certification scheme is fully operational

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