Account-based ticketing

Account-based ticketing is a new, promising way of e-ticketing that is different from traditional card-based schemes for fare-collection. It offers many new, exciting opportunities due to the fact that the bulk of the intelligence of the system is located in the central back office, not in local ticketing terminals and media.

Account-based ticketing offers advantages for the traveler like ease of use in the full mobility chain. It also offers flexibility for public transport authorities and mobility partners, for example with regard to fare changes. 


In Smart Ticketing Alliance, partners work on a common vision with regard to account-based ticketing – with a mission:

  • To identify and develop what the influencing factors are to be considered when implementing an ABT system. For example: business, legal and security factors.
  • To propose a level playing field scenario that would allow for acting as a reference for policy makers to avoid fragmented implementations of account-based ticketing in Public Transport.
  • To propose scenarios for account-based ticketing at scale to serve as an instrumental statement for ABT to be considered an enabler for multimodal seamless travel in new scenarios for Public Transport  jointly with other sustainable mobility service providers (B2B and B2C)  at present and in future (MaaS)