smart ticketing alliance

The Smart Ticketing Alliance (STA) represents a platform for cooperation and a coordinated approach for establishing ticketing interoperability for the Public Transport sector.

Successful STA Workshop “En route for seamless travel” in Barcelona

The Smart Ticketing Alliance together with ATM Barcelona (our local host) and supported by UITP organised the annual STA Workshop “En route for seamless travel“. The event took place on November 6th, at Museu Marítim de Barcelona, in Barcelona and gathered more than 60 public transport sector representatives.

Just a few years ago the idea of seamless travelling throughout Europe seemed hardly possible due to the diversity of different eTicket schemes and eTicket infrastructure.

With the creation of the Smart Ticketing Alliance, the growing numbers of eTicket systems and the developing harmonisation of NFC and contactless standards, we can now proudly state that we are “En route for Seamless Travel”, theme of the STA annual Workshop.

Programme is available here.

Presentations are available here.

New Documentation of Use Cases for Interoperable Fare Management System data exchanges has been released

Interoperable Fare Management Systems (IFMS) are becoming more and more interconnected. This need for connections between IFMS comes from different factors:

  • Ticketing interoperability areas are expanding and operational data exchanges between ticketing systems are required for revenue sharing or traffic planning purposes,
  • Account Based Ticketing (ABT) is developing and creates the need for back office data exchanges as the proof of entitlement to travel is held in the IFMS back office, and not in the media,
  • The increasing economic pressure on local authorities is encouraging them to build ticketing revenue sharing models based on actual passenger journeys rather than on predefined pro-rata calculations, and this mandates the need for sharing operational usage data.

Many initiatives defining specifications for IFMS data exchanges do exist but most of them are at best implemented at a regional or domestic level. Anticipating that data exchanges between IFMS will only increase in the future, the Smart Ticketing Alliance has resolved to describe the list of use cases that PT stakeholders want to see addressed through IFMS data exchanges.

The documentation of such use cases is seen as a necessary prerequisite to the later development of a EU wide specification for an IFMS Back Office interface that should help to seamlessly interconnect ticketing systems and hence favour the development of ticketing interoperability on a broader EU scale.

This document aims to identify the business processes and related use cases that IFMS data exchange should cover. Beyond the business and functional requirements, the regulatory and legal aspect of data exchanges are also taken into account to cope with regards to user data privacy, responsibility of data storage, ownership of the exchanged data ….

Discover the document

Smart Ticketing Alliance certification has started!

In July 2016, Smart Ticketing Alliance (STA), the body that aims to lead the way towards European e-ticketing interoperability standards for the public transport sector, announced a new certification proposal that ensures compliance of transportation contactless fare media and readers (such as ticket machines, gates and validators) with the CEN technical specification TS 16794 in contactless communication.

Discover the full press release here