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The STA develops, agrees and ensures the publication of the functional and technical requirements for smart ticketing interoperability. It works with all relevant stakeholders to establish trust schemes, specifications and certification as trust is key for sustainable solutions in integrated mobility ticketing beyond borders. This we do in our Working Groups, for example on the topic of Account-Based Ticketing or Certification,where every STA member organisation can participate - by sending selected experts.

Those experts meet regularly (virtually or on site) to develop common standards and joint papers.

Working Group ABT

STA partners work on a common vision with regard to Account Based Ticketing to propose a level playing field scenario that would allow for acting as a reference for policy makers to avoid fragmented implementations of account-based ticketing in Public Transport.
In 2022, an Open Stakeholder Workshop on ABT took place, which presented the first results of the work and findings as well as positive examples. Since March 2023 the group is working on an agreed interoperable ABT framework based on common views. It is expected to be delivered by 31 October 2023.
Members who would like to be part of the working group, please contact our Technical Secretary Jaap de Bie.

ABT is a ticketing system that enables passengers to use a single account to pay for multiple modes of transportation.

Working Group MaaS

When it comes to the definition of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), we share the position with International Association of Public Transport (UITP).
In July 2022 we have already jointly published a handbook on Ticketing in Mobility as a Service.
Currently, the joint Working Group Ticketing in MaaS is working on another position paper aimed at transport operators, the industry and policy makers. If you are interested in the group’s work, please contact Efe Usanmaz.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is a concept that integrates various forms of transportation services into a single platform, allowing customers to plan and pay for their travel using a single app or service.

Working Group Glossary

The Working Group Glossary has already produced a joint Glossary so that experts working in the Public Transport Ticketing Industry use terms with the same meaning and avoid different interpretation of terms and misunderstanding. Furthermore, persons who are new to the industry have ready access to a document that explains, with the source of the term where appropriate, the meaning used generally within the industry. Interested in the group’s work? Contact Anja Wehmeyer.

A glossary is essential for the ticketing industry as it provides a common language and standard definitions, helping to ensure that stakeholders have a shared understanding of the terminology used in the industry.

Working Group Certification

The objective of the Working Group is to establish a common approach to conformity certification and the technical equivalence of certification carried out by the group members.
An open stakeholder workshop has taken place in Brussels on 4 May.

If you are interested in participating in the group, please email the secretary of the Working Group Jean-Philippe Amiel.

Certification is important for the smart ticketing industry as it helps to ensure that products and services meet a certain level of quality and interoperability.

Working Group Ecological Aspects

Our latest working group looks at the environmental aspects of tickets and payments and has been set up to understand the impact of both on public transport. The work of the group is not only to focus on the issuance and sustainability of the ticket, but to look at the whole ecosystem. This includes the systems that support the delivery of the ticket/payment at the point of consumption/issuance.

Interested in participating? Please email Julie Liburd.

Considering ecological aspects in ticketing is crucial as it can help reduce the environmental impact of transportation by promoting the use of more sustainable modes of travel.

Planned Working Group Data in Ticketing

We are also planning to set up another new Working Group that deals with data in ticketing. Are you interested in participating? Then we would be pleased to receive your expression of interest.

To become part of one of our working groups, your organisation has to become STA member.

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