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To build an open and integrated platform for the planning, retailing, distribution and ticketing - covering all mobility services we work together with strong partners.

STA & EPF: Memorandum of Understanding

We are pleased to announce that we have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a prominent European non-profit organisation in the field of public transport: the European Passengers'​ Federation (EPF).

This is a first for us, as our previous partnerships have focused solely on technology and not on passenger rights. We are very excited about the future collaboration and are pleased that EPF is also enthusiastic about this agreement and looks forward to improving the passenger experience and promoting smart ticketing solutions across Europe.

"EPF is excited to reach this agreement with STA and uniting our shared vision of enhancing passenger experiences and advancing smart ticketing solutions across Europe. As EPF continues to promote passengers' interests and advocate for a seamless multimodal travel experience, our partnership with STA, a major player in promoting interoperable smart ticketing systems, marks a significant step towards realizing our mutual goals.”

Willy Smeulders, European Passengers'​ Federation

Meet our other liasions

We play a pivotal role in fostering effective communication, seamless coordination, and fruitful collaboration among various stakeholders in the smart ticketing industry. Our dedicated liaisons serve as reliable points of contact, actively gathering and disseminating crucial information to ensure smooth operations and the attainment of shared goals.

GlobalPlatform is a non-profit industry association. Members share a common goal to develop specifications, which are today highly regarded as the international standard for enabling digital services and devices to be trusted and securely managed throughout their lifecycle. Cooperation between Global Platform and STA leads to optimum security in dealing with ticketing and information. This contributes to a key enabler in mobility: trust of the traveler.

International Union of Railways promotes rail transport globally with the objective of responding effectively to current and future challenges relating to mobility and sustainable development.

The cooperation between UIC and STA focuses on door-to-door mobility and ticketing including the perspective of long distance railway transport beyond borders.

ITxPT is a non-profit association that enables an open architecture, data accessibility and interoperability between IT systems. The members of ITxPT develop the IT architecture for public transport and other mobility services.

MaaS Alliance is a global public-private partnership creating the foundations for a common approach to Mobility as a Service, unlocking the economies of scale needed for successful implementation and take-up of MaaS in Europe and beyond. STA and MaaS Alliance liaison brings travellers a step closer to seamless mobility services, door to door. E-ticketing is an enabler for door-to-door mobility.

NFC Forum is a non-profit organization that aims to promote the use of Near Field Communication technology in consumer electronics, mobile devices, and personal computers. The organization achieves this by developing specifications, ensuring device interoperability, validating products' compliance with NFC Forum specifications, and educating the market about the technology. Our liaison ensures that mobile ticketing is not only convenient and easy for travelers but also meets the interoperability standards set by the NFC Forum.

Our foundings members

The STA was founded in 2015 by the three European Ticketing standard publishers Calypso Networks Association, ITSO, and VDV eTicket Service, by the French Transport Innovation Agency AIT (formerly AFIMB/MINT) and the International Association of Public Transport (UITP).

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