The STA is established to support the development of interoperable Smart Ticketing.  Being a non-profit distributing organisation we:

  • Promote and facilitate cooperation between national and regional Smart Ticketing schemes to establish interoperable “Smart Ticketing” in Europe and elsewhere.
  • In pursuit of this objective, the STA shall, in particular (but not only), carry out the following activities:
  • Develop, establish, agree and publish the functional and technical requirements for smart ticketing interoperability
  • Pursue the establishment of trust schemes, specifications and certification for seamless travel between schemes with different standards
  • Cooperate with other European and international bodies to promote interoperability in Smart Ticketing

Becoming a member

Do you share our ideas of interoperable e-ticketing services? Then become a member or associate member of the Smart Ticketing Alliance.
Download the invitation text here

The Founding Members of the Smart Ticketing Alliance invite other European stakeholders to join either as Full Members or Associated Members. Full membership is open to national ticketing schemes and regional groups of public transport operators and authorities cooperating in the electronic Smart Ticketing area. Others are welcomed as Associated Members.

Membership rules

  • Full membership is open for national ticketing schemes and regional groups of Public Transport Authorities/Companies cooperating in the electronic Smart Ticketing area.
  • Associated Members are welcomed
  • All Full Members are invited to be part of a General Assembly that meets once a year
  • For the first two years, the Alliance Management Board will consist of the four Founding Members. The General Assembly will subsequently select a Management Board of up to 6 members. The Management Board will always include the four Founding Members.
  • The General Assembly and Management Board will create Working Groups as appropriate.

Membership fees

The STA is a not-for-profit association and is in the process of being incorporated as an AISBL under Belgian law as from May 11th 2015.

Download the invitation letter and application form here

For more information please contact: